In February 2018, we launched our first Higher Education qualification, the Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management (NQF 7).

Optimum Learning Technologies is a distance learning, private Provider of Higher Education. As with all our offerings, this division is aligned to the needs of the FMCG sector specifically. Given the challenges of learning while working full time, our service is distinguished by our expert online teaching model as well as the comprehensive support we provide directly to the student.

Our online teaching service boasts a wealth of industry experience with sound academic knowledge. At a click of a button, students receive expert advice and academic support. Using an online portal, students have full access to all learning resources – anytime, anywhere.

Students receive weekly live engagement to ensure steady progress and, ultimately, a successful graduation. Furthermore, we conduct continuous reviews and provide in-person feedback on progress. If the qualification is sponsored by an employer, we provide regular feedback and insightful reporting.


Optimum ensures:

  • Contextualised Higher Education qualifications designed to achieve individual and organisational results.
  • Industry experienced lecturers with sound academic knowledge to ensure learning is successfully achieved.
  • Distance learning delivered through an online learning portal ensures student development and support.
  • Continuous review of student performance to avoid a student falling behind.
  • Regular and accurate reporting on student progress to be provided to the Sponsor.

Optimum Higher Education students will have access to:


An innovative, online portal with full access to resources, anytime, anywhere.

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Networking opportunities with fellow professionals and experts in the field of FMCG by engaging with peers and lecturers.

An academic team who will continuously support and guide students throughout their studies.


Our first qualification, an NQF 7 Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management was launched in 2018. This marks our intent on providing the expertise that empowers a candidate to excel in the FMCG sector.

NQF 7 
Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management

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