We develop and manage learning interventions that align to your business strategy, training needs and operational requirements.

In creating customised solutions, we engage at a strategic level in a business, understand needs and challenges, crystalise effective and cost-efficient interventions, design and produce top quality material and project manage customised learning solutions.


  • Training and education interventions championed by leaders of the business.
  • Training and education interventions clearly aligned to business strategy.
  • The opportunity to brand learning material.
  • Potential alignment with the YES initiative.

Customised Learning Solutions are especially powerful interventions in that they:


Incorporate models and processes in practice in your business.

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Are taught and assessed by facilitators familiar with your operations and technologies.

Include a dedicated portal which facilitates regular interaction among all stakeholders.

Below is a short description of a successful customised learning solution that demonstrates our ability to offer a variety of effective training interventions that aligns to your business needs.

Sales Distillery Overview

Distell’s Sales Distillery

Distell required an online learning solution that empowered learners to train on the road. Distell’s salespeople require a thorough understanding of the business they represent, the clients and customers they serve as well as the product they are selling. At the same time, given the highly competitive environment, Distell need to minimise the amount of time these sales people spend out of the market.

A perfect case for an online learning solution. We partnered to create Distell’s Sales Distillery – an immersive e-Learning experience that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

The intervention entailed a learning platform hosting interactive, rich content.

Self-paced progress is encouraged through a gamified badge system, which rewarded top participants with a prize incentive.

With this project, we built an internal capacity and development framework from scratch. After 2 years of development, we are still pushing the level of engagement of this rich learning experience while still ensuring it is accessible whenever and wherever