At the end of a year like 2020 the dominant feeling is one of global pain and suffering. The loss of life and livelihoods has affected everyone in some way. Stress levels have risen in young and old alike and people’s resilience, both emotional and financial, is starting to flag. But beneath, or at the periphery of all that is painful, there is also much to be positive about.

We ended up spending more time with loved ones and less time at the workplace. We became more involved in each other’s lives. We were reminded that it is less about having a fancy restaurant to go to and more about having loved ones to enjoy a meal with. That a glass of pineapple beer with friends can be more enjoyable than an expensive single malt at a hotel bar. We also witnessed so many examples of selfless acts by people battling on the frontlines of this pandemic.

In the work environment, there has been dramatically less unproductive time spent on things like commuting to work and more flexibility allowed around working hours. Managers have had to learn how to trust employees to do their work with minimal oversight, which is how it should be. We have, in fact, been given a blank canvas and a short intense lesson on how much change can be introduced into our businesses for the better and Optimum is hard at work doing just that.

Besides appreciation for loved ones, the other big gift that I will take with me from 2020 is a deep appreciation for the people I work with. The sacrifices that Optimum employees have made and the grace with which they have made them has been overwhelming. This, combined with the effort that they have continued to invest throughout the year to overcome the current challenges, will never be forgotten.

We all pray that this pandemic will be beaten soon but for now I would like to thank every Optimum employee and wish them a peaceful and restful break. I extend this wish to our dedicated and talented facilitators, assessors and moderators who have really battled this year. We hope that we can keep you much, much busier next year. Finally, a big thank you to our loyal customers and their learners – without your support there would be no Optimum.

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