Those three words were our mantra going into 2021 as we emerged from the challenging year that was 2020. It was not easy making so many changes within a short space of time in 2020, but we have learnt and grown with our industry. With businesses now fully invested into the ‘new normal’, 2021 was spent ensuring continued innovation of our online platforms and working with clients on large-scale testing drives across their companies.

Both online diagnostic assessment and fundamental training grew in 2021 as more companies turned to our online offerings to ensure a safe learning environment. With well over 1000 candidates on our online assessment platform, we were happy to see companies embrace this technology and candidates respond so positively to the easy and functional platform. Online training continued to be a challenge for the fundamentals, particularly mathematics, as face-to-face training will always be more effective for our lower-level learners. However, thanks to our continued partnership with Advantage Learn, we have created an online training experience with maths videos, which our learners have enjoyed working through as part of their NQF 3 learnership.

While our online offerings continue to grow, we still have companies interested in using our paper-based diagnostic assessments for large-scale testing of their employees’ current capabilities in order to plan for training in 2022 and beyond. This gives us hope that the worst parts of the pandemic are behind us and that we will soon get back to a more regular schedule of fundamentals training and assessing.

2021 has been a brighter year and we move forward into 2022 with optimism. By using the foundation built pre-Covid-19, and integrating lessons learnt during the pandemic, we can take assessments and training into a bold new future.

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