Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s longtime business partner, has a very simple but sage piece of advice for us.
“Go to bed smarter than when you woke up.”
– Charlie Munger –

It’s the perfect mantra for Optimum at any time, but it has become a necessity over the past two years. Governments, companies, and individuals alike have had to get the best possible understanding of their ever-changing circumstances and then try and adapt to them as quickly as possible.

Optimum’s experience has been no different, and we had to tread that difficult path between ensuring our survival and preparing for the future. The postponement of so much training resulted in the sadness and challenges of unavoidable retrenchments, salary cuts and short time. However, the constraints of the lockdowns required the development and delivery of many innovative solutions to our customers. The success of these projects in such challenging times has brought both immense satisfaction and excitement about what we are now able to offer all our existing and prospective customers.  

South Africa must find a way to accelerate its economic growth, as this is the best way to address so many of its challenges. One of the prerequisites to sustain this growth will be a skilled workforce. We will continue taking Mr Munger’s advice and will be ready to make a valuable contribution in each of the areas that Optimum companies operate in.

As was the case in 2020, we must pay tribute to the people who continue to carry us through these difficult times. Our amazing, hard-working, and incredibly positive employees, our dedicated and passionate network of facilitators and assessors and our loyal and supportive customers.

May 2022 be a successful and satisfying year for all of us.