Optimum Learning Technologies is now a provider of higher education qualifications.

A First in Higher Education: Qualifications Aligned Specifically to the FMCG Sector

A competitive sector of the economy, manufacturing and packaging technologies are common to many of the manufacturers, logistical challenges are similar and Enterprise Resource Planning systems share many features.

Strategically, Optimum is positioned as a specialised education partner to businesses in this sector.

In the context of South Africa, Africa and the globe, we understand this sector. We understand the job profiles vertically and horizontally, the nature of performance indicators at the various levels and the ladder of learning that underlies successful careers.

We understand the challenges confronted by managers in this sector and the constraints they face in terms of finding the time to further their education and develop their skills. This is what led us in 2014 to embark on the journey of becoming a leading distance learning provider embracing the best of technology in this digital age.

Khulekhani Sibindo

Online Distance Learning

For a typical high potential manager balancing work, hobbies and family time, it is difficult to commit to regular part time lectures at a university campus.

We offer an online portal hosting all activities, including assessments, online lectures and other frequent interactions with fellow students and lecturers. Lecturers have experience in the FMCG sector, they understand the environment in which students work, and are available online on a weekly basis as well as on demand.

The portal is a virtual campus, always accessible with all the information, tools and facilities a student needs to enjoy the learning experience, learn at their pace, and ultimately graduate.


NQF 6 Diploma in
Manufacturing Management

NQF 6 Diploma in Supply
Chain Management

NQF 6 Advanced Diploma in

NQF 5 Higher Certificate in
Operations Management

At this stage, we offer one qualification, namely an NQF 7 Advanced Diploma in Supply Chain Management. Our plan is to build an entire ladder of learning that will see a manager progress from an entry to master level.

With the respect we have already earned in the sector, and with four truly unique angles to the higher education division, Optimum is set to become the go-to provider of higher education in the FMCG sector:

  1. Academic rigour AND practical relevance
  2. A ladder of learning contextualised to the supply chain in which the manufacture of FMCG is central
  3. Distance learning embracing the best of technology in this digital age
  4. An online portal facilitating interaction between students and lecturers

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